Build Your Own Biomedical Device!

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Build your own Biomedical Device

Learn about electronics, soldering, and biomedical devices with our educational kits!

Let’s Engineer Healthcare Together!

First, at HTM workshop our goal is to provide hands on activities to help anyone learn to build and test medical devices. After years of working in engineering and healthcare education we knew that change was needed.  Therefore, we have created kits that allow you to build your own medical device. 

Second, the field of healthcare technology management (also knowns as biomedical engineering technology, clinical engineering, and biomed) was in need of new educational content and activities. In order to engage the next generation of learners we are creating new hands on learning content.

We want to partner with educators, students, and learners from all over the world to bring awareness, excitement, and passion to educate the next generation technicians. 

Undeniably, technology is transforming healthcare faster than ever. Accordingly, the demand for skilled healthcare technicians, technologists, and clinical engineers continues to grow. HTM Workshop exists to serve the educational needs of learners everywhere. 

Third, If you want to be part of this growing field make sure to check us out on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter to stay connected with us and others in the industry!

Build your own medical device today!

Brian Bell Ph.D, faculty Biomedical Engineering Technology, and founder of HTM Workshop