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Biomed and Social Media!

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Biomed and HTM

Biomeds and Social Media Banner

Check out these great Biomed Accounts!


Check out the biomed’s using social media to spread the word about biomed, BMET, and healthcare technology management (HTM). Learn about each of these creators. Hear their advice for biomeds just getting started and looking to enter the career field!

Better Biomed – Youtube

First, let’s talk about Justin Barbour who manages the Better Biomed youtube channel. Make sure to check the channel out here… and subscribe if you have not already.

He has great content and advice for anyone interested in the biomed and HTM career field.

What gets you excited about the HTM/BMET career field? 

New Technology! We get to see, touch and repair technology years before the average public knows it even exists. The second thing I love is meeting fellow technicians! I have traveled around the country over the last year; and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of technicians. Every one has an interesting story to tell and a unique perspective on healthcare technology. There are few things as satisfying as chatting tech with a fellow nerd over a beer. 

What is next for Better Biomed?

The Better Biomed Channel started off as a project to introduce a new form of learning to a career that is poorly represented online. Everything was a learning experience – from the initial learning of material to script writing to recording and public speaking. This includes, editing and the delicate balance of release frequency which keeps my channel alive within YouTube’s algorithm. The channel has grown considerably in just the last year. Now I want to expand the type of content released. I’d love to document other technicians and their journey in this career. I want to do a better job on how new products are recorded. Now I’ve got thousands invested into equipment and computers to release the best content possible given my busy time constraints.

HTM Workshop – Youtube

Brian Bell started HTM workshop to support biomeds everywhere, but particuliarly students and educators. He is an engineer who has worked in all kinds of areas including: manufacturing, research, nanotechnology, and medical device technology. The past 10 years he has spent teaching engineering and biomed courses at a local community college.

Make sure to check out the resources at HTM workshop and consider partnering with us to share the word about biomed in your local community and school.

Why did you start your youtube channel?

The biomed community is very tight knit and I have always appreciated how they helped me start the program. As an educator I was surprised at how little is available for educators in this field and how few people even know that the HTM and biomed field exists. I have spent the last decade working to create a better education program at my college and am hoping to share that with anyone who wants to learn!

Bearded Biomed – Podcast

Another biomed in social media is Chace Torres who runs the podcast “Bearded Biomed”. His podcast can be found here

We asked him a couple questions to find out his motivation for starting his podcast and I think people with in the biomed community will understand and support his motives.

Why did you start the podcast?

I started the podcast because I’m tired of no one knowing what we do or that we even exist. We are just as fundamentally important in Healthcare as a nurse or doctor. Yet even our families don’t truly understand “what we as biomeds bring to the table”.

What would you say to someone aspiring to become a biomed?

Be humble and willing to learn. No biomed knows everything, however being someone with a good attitude that recognizes that aspect of the job. You will be successful as long as you put in the work.

Rhiannon Thurmond – LinkedIn

Rhiannon Thurmond, Biomed Operations Manager /FSE III at Ultimate Biomedical Solutions. She is a champion of BMET on LinkedIn. She has the best posts on BMET related issues that I have seen and a huge commitment to continuing education. I asked her a couple questions check out her responses below.  

What advice would you give someone who wants to enter the BMET career field?

I would encourage any new biomed to understand that when you go into this industry know that you will have some basic training. However you are the determining factor to your own success. Take time to verse yourself on how to use your DVM to troubleshoot AC/DC Circuits, how to read manuals efficiently and brush up on your customer service skills (You will use them all daily!). Know that your manager will be there for support. But that he/she is rallying for you to read the manuals, use critical thinking skills, and explore all options before asking for assistance. One thing I learned early on in my career is that if you have an issue to bring up with an end user, be prepared with a solution before discussing the issue with the customer.  And always follow up after every repair. Being a biomed is a lot of work. It takes someone with patience to work through complex issues to really tack down the issue vs. correcting the symptom of the issue. Being passionate about patient safety and your role will help you keep a solid mindset and allow you to grow in the right direction. Never stop learning!!


Why do you enjoy the BMET career field?

I enjoy this industry because I am passionate about what I do. I know that I am truly making a difference & find that very fulfilling. We are the unsung heroes of the medical industry, the steps we take to ensure medical equipment is properly maintained will impact the lives of those using the equipment. In this industry every day has a different set of challenges, and new growth opportunities are at every door (you just have to seize them!)

More Great Biomed Creators!

Here are more great biomed’s in social media:

Who’s next!

There are a lot of up and coming biomeds out there. I see a lot of great content coming in the future and I hope to highlight more people in my next post. If I missed you or your favorite biomed creator let us know in the comments!

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