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What is the best multimeter?

What is the Best Multimeter - 5 Key Factors? The first step when determining what is the best multimeter is to ask yourself some key questions: What are you trying to measure? Where are you working (i.e. industrial power, hobby electronics, medical devices)? Are there...

How to discharge capacitors safely

Introduction Capacitors are in devices such as consumer electronics, HVAC devices, and even medical devices. However, these are just a few of the devices that use capacitors. Believe it or not, capacitors are used in almost every device out there. But, did you know...

Biomed and Social Media!

Check out these great Biomed Accounts!   Check out the biomed's using social media to spread the word about biomed, BMET, and healthcare technology management (HTM). Learn about each of these creators. Hear their advice for biomeds just getting started and...