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What is Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMET)?

Written by Brian Bell


What is Biomedical Engineering Technology?

To begin, biomedical engineering technology is at the cross-section of engineering and healthcare. Professionals in the field are commonly called BMETs, biomeds, medical equipment technicians, and biomedical equipment technicians. Consequently, there is a bit of a naming issue in this career path. However, the bottom line is anyone who manages, repairs, maintains, and documents medical technology is a part of this field!

anyone who manages, repairs, maintains, and documents medical technology is a part of this field!

Second, the overarching name of the field name is healthcare technology management (HTM). The primary organization that promotes the field is the American Association for Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). In order to learn more about the career field – check out this video!

What do they do?

While most HTM professionals specialize in a specific area of healthcare technology, there are certain tasks that most professionals will work on. In general, day to day activities may include: preventative maintenance, repairing equipment, documenting work, updating medical device software, networking medical devices,  and maintaining endpoint security

Practical examples of work include:

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Where do they work?

Notably, technicians and engineers work for hospitals, medical device manufactures, and third party service providers. Therefore, most will work with basic medical devices to start. Additionally, other avenues for careers include specialized lab equipment, medical imaging equipment, medical device training, medical device sales, management, and customer support.

What do they make?

Furthermore, according to survey data from 2020 – people who work in HTM can make anywhere from around $45,000-$130,000 depending on location, experience, and job responsibilities. Hence, BMET’s can be categorized by different organizations in a variety of ways. For example, AAMI puts out an HTM levels guide with idea on how to structure BMET/HTM positions such as BMET 1, BMET 2, BMET 3 etc.

Consequently, low levels are considered for entry positions and higher levels for more experienced or specialty positions. However, you will find each organization is different. In general, according to Glassdoor the national average for a BMET 1 (entry level) is around $68,000 with a base of around $51,000 with an addition pay of around $12,000 most likely due to overtime pay.

BMET Salary Range

Glassdoor compensation data retrieved 7/21/2022

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